Did You Know?

Thirty-one men and Two women have

been executed in United States in 2014.

National Bible Week
Prayer for Peace in Ferguson, Missouri
32 Dead in Morocco
At least 32 individuals have been killed during a flash flood in southern Morocco. Six other remain missing. Please pray for the families of those who have been killed. Please pray for the safety of those missing. Please pray for the people who have lost their homes and livelihoods.
Snow/Flooding in New York
After receiving seven feet of snow in some parts of New York last week, these areas now face severe flooding as temperatures rapidly rise. Please pray for safety of all residents.
47 Dead in Nepal
A bus that crashed after swerving to miss a tractor and then plunged into the Bheri River has resulted in the death of 47 individuals. Ten individuals were able to swim to safety. Please pray for the families of those who died. Please pray for healing for the survivors.
Fighting Continues in Libya
The last functioning airport in Tripoli has been attacked, although there was no damage to the runways, nor any casualties. Various political factions, including militias continue to struggle for control of the nation. Please pray for peace and healing.


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Only through a relationship with Jesus Christ can anyone hope to separate themselves from the power of sin in this world. Through Him, all things are made new. For a complete listing of readings, please download our Bible Study.




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