Did You Know?

Twenty-eight men and One woman have

been executed in United States in 2014.

Suicide Bombing in Kabul
At least three International Security Assistance Force soldiers have been killed and 13 civilians wounded in a suicide attack in Kabul. Please pray for the families of those who have died and healing for those who have been injured. Please pray for peace.
Two US Navy Jets Crashed
Two F/A-18 Hornets crashed into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday. One pilot has been rescued and is begin treated. The other pilot has not yet been found. Please pray for healing. Please pray for safety and a quick recovery of the second pilot.
Flooding Continues in Pakistan
Floods continue to displace thousands of people from their homes in Pakistan. Officials are working on measures to prevent the flooding of Multan in southern Pakistan. Please pray for those who have lost their homes. Please pray for the safety of those in flood zones.
Rise in Sick Children
Hundreds of children have been hospitalized with breathing problems, which has been attributed to an enterovirus. This enterovirus is causing more breathing problems than those in the past. Please pray for healing for all those who are sick.
Ebola Outbreak Continues
Over 2,400 people have died from Ebola in recent months and over 4,700 people have been infected. Please pray for healing for those who are sick. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors working on a cure.
Bomb Attack in Chile
On Monday, a bomb went off in a shopping center in a busy metro station in the Chilean capital of Santiago. Fourteen people have been injured in the attack. Please pray for healing for those who have been injured. Please pray for peace in the nation.


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