Did You Know?

Six men and no women have been

executed in the United States in 2017.

One Killed in Ohio Nightclub Shooting
An argument turned violent and deadly at a Cameo Night Club in Cincinnati, Ohio. The argument between several men escalated into a gunfight that killed one individual and injured 15 others. The shooter has not yet been identified, but police have ruled out terrorism as a motive. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the wounded.
Deadly Avalanche in Japan
Near Nasu, Japan, at least seven Japanese high school students and a teacher have been killed in an avalanche at a ski resort. They were part of a larger group of 40, many of whom were injured. All have been recovered. Please pray for the families of the deceased and for healing for the wounded.
Australia Prepares for Cyclone Debbie
In northeast Australia, thousands have fled in advance of what is described as a “monster” cyclone. Several evacuations orders have been issued. Please pray for the safety of those leaving and for those who choose to stay.
Two Killed in Train Collision
A collision between a train and car has resulted in the death of two individuals in the car in the Netherlands. One was an adult and the other was a child. They were returned to school after a field trip. Please pray for the families of the deceased. This is not the first time an incident like this has happened.
Six Aid Workers Killed in South Sudan
Six aid workers delivering supplies were ambushed by unknown attackers and killed. The tragedy has caused aid agencies to re-assess how and when they deliver supplies. South Sudan is currently in the midst of a famine. Aid agencies will continue to deliver supplies. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for the families in the famine. Please pray for peace.


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