Did You Know?

Eight men have been executed

in United States in 2015.

Write a Letter of Appreciation Week
March 1-7 is National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week! This letter can be to anyone! Let someone know how much they mean to you!
19 Christians Freed by Islamic State
On February 23, 2015, the Islamic State kidnapped approximately 220 Assyrian Christians from 12 villages. Nineteen have since been released. Please pray for the safety of the others. Please pray for peace.
One Year Since MH370 Disappearance
It has been approximately one year since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has disappeared. No trace of the missing plane has yet been discovered. Please remember the families of the 239 passengers and crew who are still missing. Please pray that they may come to find peace.
Students March For Education in Myanmar
Hundreds of students are marching from their town to Yangon, the main city of the country in the hopes of changing the education system in the country. Tension between the protestors and the police is rising. Please pray that peace will prevail.
Protests in Hong Kong
Protests in Hong Kong over visa rules have turned violent after police intervention. Please pray for a peaceful resolution.


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Only through a relationship with Jesus Christ can anyone hope to separate themselves from the power of sin in this world. Through Him, all things are made new. For a complete listing of readings, please download our Bible Study.




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