Long Term Ministries

The only mission of The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we encounter. The primary difference between a long-term inmate sentenced to 10 years or longer and the death row inmate is that the death row inmate has a keener grasp on the importance of eternity. The long-term inmate is more often focused on what his situation will be when he is released from prison. Although a different challenge in ministering to this particular category of inmate it is not daunting. Since over 800,000 men and women fall into this category of inmate it is impossible for us to minister to them all so as names come to our attention we begin to write to them when we are sure that funds will be available to provide them with letter every month until they are released or die in prison. It is important to be consistent because it demonstrates reliability and dependability -- something many of these men and women never experienced before The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries began writing to them.


The Great Commission Calls

The Great Commission Calls

The Web Ministry: One ministry The Forgiveness Foundation is engaged in, is to challenge people throughout the world to read the Bible in one year and develop an active prayer life. Why? The purpose of the Bible reading is to help people know who Jesus is, coupled with an active prayer life to assist the participants to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Some are discovering Jesus through this ministry, while others are using it to get to know Jesus more intimately. The results to date are 240 people from 44 countries from every continent of the world are participating. Some from their homes, some American G.I.’s from military bases in the United States and abroad, some from Oxford University, some from Cambridge, some from Yale, Cornell, and Syracuse University and many more not mentioned. The bible teaches us to go into all the world and spread the Gospel, “And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”  (Mark 16:15). That command is to all believers, which is why The Forgiveness Foundation is calling to reach out to the world with our World Wide Web Outreach.


Religious Persecution


The Forgiveness Foundation (TFF) does not need accolades to understand the importance of our work, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with men and women on death row.I will admit it does feel good, and for a reason I can’t explain, it feels especially good to hear from the prison staff where TFF ministers. When you think of prison ministry, do you think of ministering to men and women assigned to death row? Most people do not.The blessing we receive from hearing from the prison staff is knowing that TFF is ministering to the un-churched, being the only “church” to the inmates on death row, in most locations.Praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him.


One theme that repeats itself is that prison employees are often disciplined for sharing their faith with the men and women on death row.If that isn’t shameful enough, most prison staff who write TFF ask us not to reveal their names because they would be fired.A truly sad story about religious freedom and first amendment rights in the United States.I thank the Lord for the opportunity to support our Christian prison staff through email.



Share the Love of Jesus

Every time you share the love of Jesus with someone, your relationship with our Lord and Savior grows - you are engaged in worshiping HIM


Mission: Share the Love of Jesus


Mission - Share the Love of Jesus: Encourager








Don't let your gift lay fallow!!! Encourage others in matters pleasing to the Lord daily. (Acts 12:2 – 4 (gift of encouragement). Every time you use a God given gift for His purpose you share the love of Jesus and you grow in understanding of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Awesome!


Mission: Share the love of Jesus!


Mission: Share The Love of Jesus: Study God's Word

Mission: Sharing The Love of Jesus

Knowing The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Study God’s Word: The Bible


The most important thing for a person to do in life is to know God. Seeking God provides opportunity to worship and serve Him. It allows for serving fellow man in a manner pleasing to God. But how! Study the road map to God: His Holy Word, the Bible. Did you know that God instructs every believer to study His Word?



Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15 (ESV)





Prayer Life

Prayer Life

As Christians, or Christ followers, we should act as the name commands – act like Jesus the Christ. One of the things that dominated Jesus’ life was His devotion to communicating to the Father through prayer. The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries (TFFCM) want to help you grow in your prayer life, or if your prayer life is lacking we want to help you develop it. The disciples saw the importance of prayer in Jesus’ life and asked Him to teach them how to pray:


ONE Year Journey Through the Bible! Join Us!

We, at The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries, Inc. are packing our bags readying ourselves for a journey, a Journey Through The Bible in ONE Year! You may be surprised to know this is the most important Journey anyone can take and you are invited to come along.


Ministry by Mail - The Forgiveness Foundation

What does receiving a personal letter mean to you?  How does it make you feel?  When we look at a return address and realize that the letter is from a friend, we feel loved.  We cannot wait cherish every word in the message held inside!  In today’s fast-paced world, letter writing is quickly becoming a thing of the past, yet for some, the men and women on death row, it is the only way they can communicate with the world.  Since March 8, 2005, The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries has strived to give the over 3,000 men and women on death row the same feeling that you have when you receive a letter; loved.  Our letters carry more than just the love of every member of The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries’ team, which include the individuals (like you!) who help finance the letter writing ministry.  Our letters also, and more importantly, carry the love of Jesus Christ!  In each letter, we share how much Jesus loves them.  He has already paid the debt of their sin, the debt of the murders for which they are convicted.  We share with them that Jesus has freely paid that price, and that they are forgiven!  They must only accept Jesus Christ’s forgiveness, making Him Lord of their lives!  The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries works toward honoring the “Great Commission,” with our mail ministry to the men and women on death row.  View our donations page to discover how you can help The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries minister to the men and women on death row.


 For more information regarding financial support, please click here.


Read the Bible in a Year

READ THE BIBLE IN A YEAR:  At the beginning of this year, The Forgiveness Foundation embarked on the mission of encouraging people throughout the world to read the Bible, the entire Bible, over the course of this year. Why? The reason is simply to allow believers to have a full relationship with their God and to allow the Gospel to work on non-believers.





Family Ministries

The very first institution that God ordained was the family. Sin entered the world and the family, God's first ordained institution, was painted in its sights for attack. It started with Adam blaming Eve for his disobedience to God for eating the fruit. The attack on family continued with Cain killing his brother Abel because he was jealous that God was more pleased with Abel's offering than his. Family discord began with the original family God placed on this earth continuing as man continues to pursue the fleeting pleasure that sin may provide. The Forgiveness Foundation Family Ministry works to restore broken family relationships that arise from a family member being incarcerated. The most common request that we receive is from an inmate who is on death row and his parents refused to have anything to do with him. This request typically asks us to help the inmate restore his/her relationship with his/her parents. We respond by writing the inmates parents and advising them who we are and that their child had asked us to write to them hoping to restore his/her relationship with them. If the parent does not respond we send a letter every three months sharing the love of Jesus and keeping our invitation to help restore their relationship with their child open. Some call and talk with us. Some write to us. But for all who are willing, we help them reopen their lives to their child. For some they need to learn to forgive their child and others it is the hopelessness of their child's fate that has caused them to give up. With God’s mercy it is our mission to share the true Hope in Jesus Christ as through Him we work with families of inmates to restore their relationship.

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