Merry Christmas 2017!

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The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries, Inc.!!


Christmas Day 2017 is here! Christians throughout the World are celebrating the birth of the Messiah - Jesus The Christ - their Lord and Savior! Christians assemble to worship Jesus through song, prayer, and word. Christmas is the time of year when families gather to share their time, gifts, and renew their love for one another. Some Christians celebrate Christmas through sharing their talent, gifts, and love with others less fortunate. Christmas is a time of joy! Christmas is a time of renewal! Christmas is a time of worship! Christmas is a time of thanksgiving!


Christmas Thoughts from The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries

Christmas Meaning

The tree is decorated in lights and ornaments made and collected over the years from school projects and various places the family had visited. Stockings hang over the fireplace. A nativity scene is on display across from the tree. Pieces of holly and branches from an evergreen tree are spread throughout the house. Christmas cards from family and friends decorate the mantel. A child slowly walks through the house, taking one last look at the tree, and the lack of presents under the tree, before going to bed with a small grin on his face. He is excited for morning. What will it bring?


The History of Christmas

History of Christmas

The Christmas season is full of traditions. Some traditions are universal, some are regional, and some are just among family. Each tradition was established at some point in history, be it thousands of years ago or a generation ago. We have already shared with you the origins of the Christmas Tree, but what about Christmas itself? How did Christmas become Christmas?

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