DAY 4: Wednesday

The Bible does not have an account of what Jesus did on day 4 of Holy Week. We know that Jesus spent the night at Mary and Martha’s house. They were His close friends.

Some say that Jesus and His disciples rested on Wednesday. Jesus had to be exhausted. Since Palm Sunday, Jesus taught the people, He healed, He debated and conflicted with the temple leaders, the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees. Jesus instructed His disciples concerning what would take place over the next several days. Jesus had to be exhausted: Jesus was man.

Jesus had a habit, a habit that He never broke. Jesus’ habit was not fueled by compulsion. It was fueled by love. Love for God the Father, it is safe to say that Jesus prayed on Wednesday the fourth day of Holy Week. Jesus had a lot on His mind. He was preparing to forgive all the sin that was ever committed and that was yet to be committed for every person who had ever lived or was to live, believer or non-believer Jesus was preparing to assume His role as Savior of the World. It is safe to say Jesus prayed; for incarnate Jesus had the sin of the world on His shoulders.



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