Johnny Kormondy, Florida


January 15, 2015

Johnny Shane Kormondy was executed shortly at 8:16 pm EST, on Thursday, January 15, 2015, at the Florida State Penitentiary near Raiford, Florida. Johnny was 42 years of age. He was convicted of the murder of Gary McAdams on July 11, 1993, while robbing Gary’s home in Pensacola, Florida. Johnny has spent the last 21 years on Florida’s death row.

Growing up, Johnny did not have a stable, male role model, with men frequently coming in and out of his mother’s life. These men frequently abused his mother. Johnny’s mother would also abuse him. Johnny dropped out of school during the 10th grade. He was involved in drugs, becoming addicted to both drugs and alcohol. Prior to his arrest, Johnny worked at a local cabinet shop.

On Saturday, July 10, 1993, Johnny Kormondy, Curtis Buffkin, and James Hazen gathered together to look for a home to burglarize in the Thousand Oaks subdivision of Pensacola, Florida. The group was looking for a home that was occupied. After driving around, they parked their vehicle and waited.

Gary and Cecilia McAdams attended a high-school reunion that Saturday night. They returned to their home after midnight, on the morning of July 11, 1993. After pulling into their garage, they left the door open so that Gary could walk their dog. Observing the couple, Kormondy and Hazen covered their faces with masks and covered their hands with socks. Buffkin armed himself and went to knock on the garage door into the house.


Gary asked who was at the door twice, each time Buffkin responded with “It’s me.” Gary was unable to place the voice but assumed it was a neighbor. After opening the door, Buffkin forced his way into the house at gunpoint.


The Gary and Cecilia were forced to kneel on the kitchen floor, while Hazen and Kormondy entered. They closed the blinds, pulled the telephone cords out of the wall, and began ransacking the house. Hazen took Cecilia into the bedroom, where he forced her to undress and perform sexual acts on him. Kormondy raped her at the same time. Kormondy and Hazen then brought her back out to the kitchen.


Gary was forced to drink a beer, while Buffkin told Cecilia, “I don't know what the other two did to you, but I think you’re going to like what I’m going to do.” Buffkin then forced Cecilia back into the bedroom where he began to rape her. Shortly thereafter, a gunshot went off in the house. Buffkin ran from the bedroom, firing a shot as he ran out.


When Cecilia returned to the kitchen, the three men had left and Gary was lying on his back on the floor, bleeding from the back of the head where he had been shot. The gun had been pressed firmly against his head when the trigger was pulled. He died before police arrived.


Kormondy told a friend about the murders a few days later. The friend contacted police, who were eventually able to arrest Kormondy. At first, Kormondy confessed to being present at the scene but denied killing Gary or raping his wife. Kormondy claimed Buffkin shot Gary. Hazen and Buffkin both claimed Kormondy was the shooter. Kormondy later said the gun went off accidentally.


Please pray for peace and healing for the Cecilia McAdams, her family, and the family of Gary McAdams. Please pray for strength for the family of Johnny Kormondy.



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