Update: June 16, 2014  2:38 pm EDT


Lewis M. Jordan's, a/k/a John Lewis, execution was scheduled for 7 pm EDT, on June 18, 2014, at the State Correctional Institute Rockview in Rockview, Pennsylvania. Twenty-seven-year-old Lewis has been granted a stay of execution. Lewis is convicted of murdering 54-year-old Philadelphia Police Officer Charles Cassidy on October 31, 2007, in a Dunkin' Donuts shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lewis has spent the past four years on Pennsylvania's death row.


Lewis' execution was stayed by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.


Lewis is a high-school dropout, who never held down a job. His mother, Lynn Dyches, worked as a correctional officer for a Philadelphia prison and dated a fellow correctional officer at the time of the crime.


In September of 2007, Lewis Jordan began a six-week crime spree that involved the armed robbery of several retail food shops in North Philadelphia. On September 18, September 21, and October 13, 2007, Jordan robbed three different Dunkin Donuts shops at gunpoint. On October 20 and 25, 2007, he robbed two pizza shops at gunpoint. Jordan's robberies became increasingly violent. His string of robberies prompted police to begin making unscheduled stops at local businesses as part of a crime prevention initiative.


On October 31, 2007, around 10:30 am, Jordan entered a Dunkin Donuts, the first shop he had robbed nearly six weeks ago. He pointed a 9mm gun at the head of the manager and told the manger to place money in the bag. Jordan also commanded everyone else to remain where they were.


Charles Cassidy, a 25-year Philadelphia Police Veteran was unaware of the robbery in progress when he pulled into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot that morning, shortly after 10:30 am. Officer Cassidy calmly walked through the door, dressed in his police uniform. Upon seeing the scene that greeted him, Officer Cassidy pulled his service revolver and crouched down. Jordan took two steps towards him and, without hesitation, raised his gun and fired from about three feet away. The hollow-point bullet entered Officer Cassidy's skull above his right eyebrow. Officer Cassidy's frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes were pierced.


Jordan fled the scene of the crime after grabbing the officer's service pistol. Officer Cassidy was transported to a local hospital, where he died the following morning.


That night, Jordan went trick-or-treating. He was heard to have been bragging out killing "the cop." He was also alleged to have said that he wanted to kill another cop.


Several days later, Jordan was at his mother's house, along with his two sisters. Also present his mother's boyfriend, Herb Hill, who was also a corrections officer. Jordan admitted to his family and the correctional officer that he "shot the cop." Jordan then became confrontational with Herb. Herb was able to call the police shortly after, however, Jordan had already been taken by friends to Delaware, where he boarded a bus for Miami, Florida.


Days later, Jordan was arrested at a Miami homeless shelter. Jordan returned to Pennsylvania, where he stood trial for the murder of Officer Charles Cassidy. Jordan, surprisingly, entered a guilty plea for the murder. He was sentenced to death on November 24, 2009, after a jury spent two hours deliberating.


Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Charles Cassidy. Please pray for strength for the family of Lewis Jordan. Please pray that Lewis may come to find peace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if he has not already found one.