Michael Parrish, Pennsylvania


Update: Monday, October 13, 2014 12:23 pm EDT

Michael Parrish was scheduled to be executed at 7 pm EDT, on October 14, 2014, at the State Correction Institute Rockview in Rockview, Pennsylvania. Michael’s execution has been stayed by the Monroe Court of Common Pleas. Twenty-eight-year-old Michael is convicted of killing 21-year-old Victoria Adams and 18-month-old Sidney Parrish at their home in Effort, Pennsylvania, on July 6, 2009. Michael has spent the last two years on Pennsylvania’s death row.

Michael grew up in New York and became part of a white supremacy movement, including tattooing himself with symbols such as a Nazi swastika. Michael eventually rejected white supremacy in favor of Islam. Michael’s father was an alcoholic who beat his mother. Victoria’s family describes Michael as a “control freak” who was jealous of other men in her life. Michael previously worked as a corrections officer at the Monroe County Correctional Facility.

On July 6, 2009, Victoria Adams spent the day with her mother, celebrating her mother’s birthday. Victoria left her son, Sidney, with his father, Michael Parrish. After celebrating her mother’s birthday, Victoria went out with her brother Keith, their cousin Jimmy, and Jimmy’s roommate. Victoria returned home around 11 pm, planning to take Sidney back to her mother’s house and break up with Parrish.


According to Parrish, he had been attempting to contact Victoria most of the evening to determine the correct amount of medicine to give Sidney, who had recently had a heart transplant. When Victoria finally arrived home, she was accompanied by three men, had smeared lipstick, disheveled hair, and was wearing different clothes than when she had left. She then, allegedly mocked Parrish, which further enraged him. Parrish pulled his gun out after she laughed at him. She responded by saying, “What are you going to do, shoot me?” while holding Sidney in her arms. Parrish shot Victoria and Sidney multiple times.


Parrish claims he was in a fit of rage when he shot Victoria and Sidney. He also said that he would have shot himself but the rage had passed. Parrish fled from the scene and was arrested the following day.


Parrish attempted to commit suicide while in prison. Parrish pled guilty to the charges and argued before a judge to have the plea accepted. He stated that he wanted to die because of the his crimes, insisting that the crime was premeditated. Shortly before the hearing to decide his sentence, two years after the murder, Parrish withdrew his plea, claiming the crimes were not premeditated, but committed in a heat of passion.


Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Victoria and Sidney. Please pray for the family of Michael Parrish. Please pray that Michael may come to find peace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if he has not already.



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