Miguel Padilla, Pennsylvania


Update: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 10:31 am EDT

Miguel Angel Padilla's execution was scheduled for 7 pm EST, on Thursday, November 13, 2014, at the State Correction Institute Rockview, in Rockview, Pennsylvania. His execution has been stayed. Thirty-four-year-old Miguel is convicted of murdering 61-year-old Alfred Mignogna, Jr., 58-year-old Fredrick Rickabaugh, Sr., and 28-year-old Stephen M. Heiss on August 28, 2005, outside of a private club in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Miguel has spent the last seven years on Pennsylvania’s death row.

Miguel is an illegal alien from Mexico with an extensive, violent criminal history, including a firearms violation while on probation. Miguel came to the United States as a child. Although reported to the authorities multiple times, Immigration and Customs Enforcement refused to deport him. Miguel was reported to have anger management problems, panic attacks, and substance abuse problems. Prior to his arrest, he was employed as a construction worker.

On August 28, 2014, Miguel Padilla and two attempted to enter the United Veterans Association, a private club in Altoona. Witnesses reported that Padilla returned to his vehicle and rummaged in the passenger side before returning to the club holding something in his hand.


Padilla approached Fredrick, the club bouncer, from the rear and shot him three times. Padilla then turned and shot Alfred, the club owner. Stephen, a patron of the club and a former Marine who served in Iraq, was also shot. All three men died from their injuries. Padilla was arrested later that day.


He was convicted and sentenced to death on February 1, 2007.


Padilla’s execution has been stayed by the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.


Please pray for peace and healing for the families of Alfred Mignogna, Fredrick Rickabaugh, and Stephen Heiss. Please pray for strength for the family of Miguel Padilla. Please pray that Miguel will come to find peace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if he has not found one already.



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