Former Texas death row inmate Cathy Lynn Henderson, died on Sunday, August 2, 2015, at a local hospital.  Cathy was 58 years of age.  She was being treated from pneumonia and a stroke.  She had been hospitalized since June 25, after complaining of breathing difficulties.  Please pray for Cathy’s family.


Cathy had been convicted of the abduction and murder of three-month-old Brandon Baugh, whom she had been babysitting, along with Brandon’s two-and-a-half-year-old sister, in Pflugerville, Texas.  On January 21, 1994, the children’s parents returned to find Brandon and Cathy missing.  Cathy alleges that she dropped Brandon on his head, got scared, buried the body, and fled the state.  She was eventually arrested in Missouri.  Cathy eventually provided police with the location of Brandon’s body.  Autopsy results did not agree with Cathy’s story.


Originally sentenced to death, Cathy had been granted a new trial in 2012.  On June 12 of this year, Cathy accepted a plea deal in which she pled guilty for Brandon’s murder in exchange for a 25-year sentence. 


Please pray for peace and healing for Brandon’s family.